Mike Schwartz Art | Illustration Design Comics | Michigan



Hi, I'm Mike.  

I've been in the commercial graphic design field for almost ten years.  I do your standard catalogs, fliers, t-shirts, infographics, and all your typical business creative needs.

But I have also drawn and illustrated my entire life!  When young, this meant comics of course.  I definitely put a lot of hours into drawing that.  Gradually my own story and art ideas starting coming at me and I created my comic adventure, Oceanverse.  That was huge!  

Now, with two stunningly incredible little kids at home (and the full support of my awesome wife), I recently started exploring the world of art for children.  There's just so many ideas bursting out I can't contain it.  Naturally I started with the alphabet and numbers - you can see these on Etsy and hopefully before too long the nursery walls across the world!