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Water Racers!

WR Test.jpg

So, this is very exciting for me! I have been pretty protective about this, but now I think it’s ready to share. The family has a comic project, and it is called Water Racers!

On New Year’s Day 2016 I was playing around with my kids. I had them each come up with a character and I wrote down what they described - names, clothes, hobbies, pets, etc.

As the year progressed, the kids' characters made their way into their Lego playtime and eventually a story emerged. Soon enough the kids were building Lego speed boats, I was teaching them how to adjust colors in Photoshop, and we were designing not just their original characters but so much more!

What you see below are five pages I created in 2017. We continue to develop the story and the design of the book (recently adding 50 pages) so these are NOT final pages. Think of them like a mini-pilot episode of a TV show.

As it stands now, Water Racers is a 140-page graphic novel, entirely written and sketched out. Final page production begins in February, so I think now is a good time to begin sharing behind-the-scene sketches, page progress, and other goodies.

Water Racers is truly a creative collaborative effort between me and my kids (I must also mention my wife, who is a thankfully unforgiving editor!), and it has been THE most creatively fulfilling project of my life. I hope you’ll join us on our quest to bring Water Racers into the world and into your hands as a graphic novel that you and your family can read together.