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This is Al

Al Jaffogerty (I’m not sure how a six-year-old came up with a name like that) was the first character created by my son and is the main character of Water Racers.

We spent about six months dreaming up the characters and the story before ANY production design began, so the initial sketches of Al were…not good (to say the least). I really had no idea where I wanted to go with the look of Water Racers.

Eventually, Al began to look more and more like my son, which made a lot of sense to me. It just felt right. After I was happy with his design, I made an initial pass at his colors which was also…not good. However, this presented me with the opportunity to sit my son in front of Photoshop and teach him about the color adjustment tools. We worked together, layer by layer until Al’s colors were finalized.

Al Final.jpg

Next blog we’ll look at the development of my daughter’s character, Love PauPoppy!